Codecs for Windows 7 from 06-08-2011

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For many of today's inhabitants of the planet laptop or computer almost completely replaced the usual TV, because we no longer satisfied with the mediocre quality of the TV image, we want to see quality digital picture and hear surround sound. In Windows 7 it is quite possible - the key is to choose the right set of audio and video codecs.

Video codecs for Windows 7

Few of us ever come across the message of the beloved programs to view video like "Unexpected File Format" when trying to run the multimedia file. This message means that the system does not contain the necessary codec to play media content. And since almost every day computer technology offer a new recording formats that allow you to obtain the very good image quality, it is good to have on hand a regularly updated package with the latest video codecs for Windows 7. At the same time, each codec has its own characteristics. For example, the recorded File is in MKV containers may contain video compressed with many codecs: MPEG, H264, AVC1, WMV etc.

Windows 7 and audio codecs

Listening to your favorite music, we do not even suspect that the audio codecs compress the audio file so that when its transmission through the communication channel or hranenii on your hard disk in Windows 7 it would occupy as little space as possible. There are various models of compression, but they all implement the idea of removal of the audio file redundancy information, which can be removed without appreciable loss of sound quality and speech intelligibility. Without going into details of the compression algorithms can be divided into those codecs that compress the signal without loss of quality (FLAC, WavPack, TTA) and those that work with the deterioration of the resulting sound (MP3, OGG, WMA and some others).

pre-built codecs

Any user once it becomes clear that it is not convenient to download a separate codec every time when problems occur. For the convenience of our users we present the option to download codecs for Windows 7 the two most popular editions. Better known today package K-Lite Codec Pack, which, on assurances of developers contains everything you need to play all popular video file formats. This is probably true, as even the basic package supports a wide variety of formats, among them AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, M2TS, RMVB and this is not a complete list!

Another popular codec package - Win7Codecs not only contains all necessary codecs - AMR, DivX, MPC, MKA, OFR, APE, etc., but also with the installation of a little clean the computer, deleting the earlier version its constituent codec, replacing them with their own to ensure compatibility.

user Level: any
Version: 3.6.9 + 8.9.5
Developer: shark007 + KL Software
Year release: 2012
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Languages: multilingual (including Russian)
Tablet: Not needed
width: x32/x64

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2 Jan 2012 00:53

Bojan Krkic

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Media Player Classic of course is good player, but we recommend using KMPlayer, in our opinion the best product for watching movies winked.
Hosted version especially without the MPC, primarily due to the reduction of weight.


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1 Jan 2012 21:29


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Me too! =)

In version K-Lite-Codec for 64-bit Windows not MPC !

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7 Aug 2011 14:57


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Out of habit I put the codecs K-Lite Codec Pack, always work perfectly.