Codecs for Windows XP from 12-08-2011

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Codecs for Windows XP is an important component of the modern world of high technology, you will agree that it is extremely difficult to find a computer user running Windows, which wouldn't have listened to music or watched videos on the computer and without the codec in this case can not do. A codec is usually a special program (a device) which performs the function of encoding/decoding data, in other words, the encoder/decoder executes a conversion function of the data or signal to a form necessary for perception.

The concept of the codec is more fully revealed through the prism of understanding of its existence. What codec? He needs the common man, primarily to save disk space, to store those blood relatives to each megabytes. From this the eternal problem of lack of space on the hard disk as a result there is a need to save, and therefore was created, and the created compression algorithms/convert the raw video, or sound (which sometimes have enormous size in the original quality) to files with smaller size with no loss/loss of quality depending on the application.

In Windows XP, no codecs will be difficult to do, as the time is movies and music compressed new coding algorithms, more advanced, giving more benefits in comparison with the previous methods. And if this issue is not given due attention, one day you will face the problem of newspresident video or audio file.

Vysheukazannoe to solve the problem, you can use the free package«K-Lite Codec Pack»which includes codecs and filters are the latest versions. Putting«K-Lite Codec Pack»you don't remember the misunderstanding with the playback of music and video files of any formats, world-known and rare. It contains remarkable functional media player Media Player Classic, which easily copes with all the daily tasks. Also, the creators ensure that all kit components have been perfectly matched to avoid the appearance of inconsistencies between them, moreover it has to be tested each version on the absence of conflicts with other programs.

Download codecs for Windows XP our users in two versions - for 32-x and 64-bit versions of the OS. Below this popular video and audio formats supported by the codec package.

video Codec for Windows XP:
  • ffdshow
  • DivX
  • H264
  • WMV
  • indeo

Audio codecs for Windows XP:
  • MP3
  • OGG
  • AMR
  • WMV
  • indeo

user Level: any
Version: 8.3.2
Developer: KL Software
Year release: 2012
Supported OS: Windows XP
Languages: English
Tablet: Not needed
width: x32/x64

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