DirectX 11 for Windows 7

Bojan Krkic from 03-04-2012

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DirectX is like a constantly evolving set of software modules for writing games application for Windows operating system. In fact that it ensures correct synchronous operation of the OS and video system of the computer. The latest versions of game engines tend to use all the possibilities relevant at the moment for DirectX 11 for the development of colorful and realistic scenes, using more advanced technology, spending hundreds of hours on rendering. Graphics card - as an integral part of the modern gaming platform should also support a certain version of DirectX to run the game programs. For most gamers, this is the first that can be installed ON a computer system.

The surest way to determine which version of DirectX using the utility dxdiag(start> Run -> dxdiag -> Enter), which contains detailed information about the video subsystem, including video and sound characteristics. If your system contains an earlier version, it download DirectX 11 for Windows 7 you can use our archive files, we try to constantly monitor and promptly update the builds.

functional Features of the Russian version of DirectX:

  • progressive Shader model fifth generation for Windows 7 and Vista
  • support software development for game consoles such as Xbox
  • to work more effectively intellectually technology multithreaded rendering
  • the ability to create processors with gravissimi chips D3D11
  • development of technologies like CUDA - a breakthrough in the speed of conversion of video data
user Level: any
Version: 11
Developer: Microsoft
Year release: 2012
Supported OS: Windows 7
Languages: multilingual (including Russian)
Tablet: Not needed
width: x32/x64

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